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Motivational Edge - Allapattah Music & Literary Center 

Over at the Motivational Edge I was fortunate to get to know a fantastic group of insanely talented young adults!  All who are in the good hands of "Cold Medina" 1/2 of Cold Vision  (playlist below) who spends a good amount of time developing and producing the talents at the center, also known as Irie Foundation as of recent partnership.  Spent a good amount of time hearing all the works from the talented bunch and anyone would easily blown away!   I look forward to sharing their tracks here as soon as they are ready to be shared with the world!  No doubt about it there is a limitless amount of ambition that will carry the group into all kinds of successes of their own.  Thank you for the invite "SanCrisabel" who is also insanely talented and is the Director at the Center!


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