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Things like this happen rarely, but thanks to a soundcloud tweet and a simple thing as it getting "favorited" I discovered Belle.  In a dream scenario the music didn't suck and the voice was reminiscent of a reborn Aaliyah, well executed and delivered beats to support same, she's the focus, the star, its not overbearing.  After some cyber messaging, Belle has no label, she would be great with Jason Flom's Lava Records of course, but the recent and ongoing success of Lorde might be counter productive.

Jim Jonsin's Rebel Rock would be a great fit, because its really a good place for nurturing and songwriting with other great songwriters that Jim works with.  Ideally Kirk Sommer at WME would add Belle to his roster (Banks his current rising star, is currently on the rise and Belle could easily fit in there).  Im playing Fantasy A&R and Agent League (just invented the idea, ha thats a double edged comment), enjoy!

Burns so vividly is so damn good. 

Crying Wolf. Not at All! 

Throughout my tenure in Miami, Ive raved and ranted. This is from a billboard article posted in August 2013.  I suppose Miami is going to make an appearance on a map like this when it gets organized, the venues and folks who have been here building and growing its music industry are in my opinion gaining momentum, some rise some fall, but the strategic ones keep growing.  They can't put everyone to work when its still a risk.   In due time.

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