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The art of the compilation CD 

Are compilations stepping up their game these days? I'd say so.  For a long time Ive been a subscriber to Relix Magazine and every month I pop in their compilation disk and evaluate whats going on out there, sometimes a hit or miss, but thats why you can skip to the next track on your dial!

Opted to pick up MOJO's Mag's Third Man Records Issue, you know because Jack White is so mean and irresistible, no because this mother fucker is rock n roll, and downloaded the Lockn' Music Fest Sampler, because the fine folks behind Bonnaroo fest are hand in hand with this festival, and I pay attention to everything... Great finds for discovery new artists, worth clicking the link and downloading if your into that type of thing! 


Hailing from Miami - George Spits  

Grab your free download now!  Im a big fan of Llamabeats front man, he is a serious DIY hustler and beyond talented on many fronts, hell, he is your tech support for pro tools when you dial that 1-800 #! From the thousands of songs he is working on and collaborations with acts such as Slightly Stoopid, MayDay and Artofficial,  he has released a solo album that will certainly make Miami proud!  He is one of the few paving the way for hip hop live performances here in Miami and someone to keep and eye out for!
Hear it here, download it, share it, watch it, share it, everything!


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